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Detecting Body Dismorphic Disorder in your Teen Model


Body dysmorphic disorder can become apparent in a model of any age, but it can become particularly serious in teenage girls. It's all about having preoccupations with how their body appears to you, especially when a model focuses on one particular area their body. It will interfere with their social, sexual and personal relationships but also have an impact on their schoolwork or career and any hobbies and activities they may have. Unfortunately, there is no one cause or even one set of symptoms to look out for, so detecting body dysmorphic disorder in your teen model can be even more harder to see. body dismorphia in teen models

It's all about self loathing, body intolerance and body image disturbance. Those who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder are preoccupied or even overly obsessed with their body, their shape, their weight and their size and it goes without saying that all of these conditions put a model at high risk of developing eating disorders.

It's important to remember that all teenage girls, and some teenage boys, will have some natural preoccupation with their bodies as they are changing, growing and being aware of their body as it changes with the onset of teenage years and puberty is healthy. However, a model struggling with BDD will begin to put their preoccupation ahead of all other things - although, be warned, they may keep it secret, which doesn't make your job any easier as a concerned parent. Sometimes the onset of be BDD develops after a type of dramatic or tragic event, but it can also be events at home which trigger it, especially if relationships are breaking down.

Your teen model won't wear a sign around their neck to let you know they have BDD and as a parent, you need to learn what it is, what it does, and what to look for. When a young teenager is worried more about what they eat more than anything else, it's a warning sign. Other important signs to watch out for are withdrawal from friends, severe mood swings, loss of weight and an obsession with dieting. Is your child hooked on exercise, and a preoccupation with body size?

Now the latter could be that they are obsessed with their OWN body size, but you may notice your teen model is criticising people on the television and noticing how fat or thin they are, or complementing someone for being skinny, when you can clearly see they are underweight for example. You need to ask yourself if your teen model is a little bit too obsessed with looking in the mirror, asking you if you think they look fat or how certain clothes make them look. You need to be aware at all times and noticing that your teenager is thinking about their body and their food from the moment they wake up in the morning, to when they go to sleep and that all their self worth and confidence is based on body image and weight. Perhaps it's having an effect at school and maybe teachers have said something to you, or to them? These are sure signs you have a teenage model with body dysmorphia. The effects of body dysmorphic disorder can be far reaching and the earlier it is detected, the better.