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Cornwall Photographers

Cornwall has probably has 206 photographers and diesel all undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. The cliffs and laws make it a brilliant place for photographers and there art. To the north, the staggering cliffs and tin mines are very atmospheric, which sit as a backdrop to the Celtic Sea. To the South of Cornwall is the English Channel and the East is the County of Devon.

Cornwall's only city is Truro, the rest of the country being taken up to with small hamlets and villages and towns. Cornwall dates back to the Mesolithic periods and has distinctive relations to the neighbouring Wales, Ireland and Brittany -a very Celtic feel. Tin mining was important in the Cornish economy, historically, and many disused tin mines are still visible to the tourist and photographer today. But its the quaint fishing villages and harbours that hold the attraction for holidaymakers and photographers alike. There are still many sandy beaches at Bude, Watergate Bay, and Perranporth.