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Classic Modelling

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Classic Modelling is all about age and maturity, having longevity in the world of modelling. Think of Twiggy and you'll know what we mean. She started her illustrious career as a teen model and still models now in her more mature years. She is the archetypal classic model and you could be too. A lot of actresses in their old years have now turned to modelling as an alternative way of earning a living, using their looks and reputation to sell beauty products on the TV for example. Maturity is the name of the game here in this type of work, and if you have looked after yourself and have good skin then why not show it off we say.

You don't necessarily have to start out your career as a teen model but it helps if you're a whippersnapper who can then stand the test of time. If you look after yourself, which you're used to doing anyway,  and stay in the limelight for a good few years and if you can still look as good as she does at a ripe old age, you'll hit the mark as a classic model, no doubt about it. It could be you as the face of Marks and Sparks one day. There are so many companies who want older models, faces that can be recognised but who have stood the test of time, to promote their goods and services. The general public seem to trust somebody they have grown up with and businesses know this is needed most of the time.

Just because you're in your thirties, forties or even over sixty, modelling can still be your bread and butter. You could find work easily if you're a famous face, but lots and lots of advertising companies need models to promote their wares. Think about all the famous faces on the telly today, advertising insurance or household products. That fairy ad has stood the test of time even now. There are classic models popping up all over the place and who are still earning a very good living.

Many model agencies are very flexible with their height and weight restrictions for mature models such as yourself and classic models get to look how they please. It probably won't be the high fashion modelling of your younger years you'll gain work for now but you've been there and done that anyway, so think about trying something new. It's never too late in the classic modelling world and it's never too late to start a brand-new career or pick up where you left off a long time ago. Modelling is like riding a bike, you will never forget how to do it, you just may need a little bit of help brushing up on the tactics!