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Choosing A Teen Modelling Agency

Once you have read up on all the legalities, it is now the time to know what to do next.

If you and your child are hundred percent sure you can both commit the time and the effort to give this a go then it's knowing what to do next which will help you save time and keep your child safe.

It's very important to calm your teenager down and try and manage their expectations. They will have their heads in the clouds, dreaming about having their name in lights because they are young -and we can't begrudge them that because we were like that once upon a time! They will be dreaming about light bulbs flashing, lots of money coming in, mixing with pop stars and celebrities, no doubt. This of course is just a dream in most cases, and it may never happen to them in all honesty - or maybe it will - we cannot tell the future after all. The reality is usually the teenager has a go at modelling, realises it's going to take up their free time and interfere with their socialising or interrupt their video game time and then decide to pack it in altogether -the joys of having teenagers!choosing a teen model agency

So as a parent you need to be prepared for disappointment. Perhaps by this time you love the idea and think your child can go all the way but you always need to remember it is then that doing this it is their dream not yours. Don't be a pushy parent because your child will resent you if you are pushing harder in a direction they don't want to go.

The best way to do it is to take baby steps and take each job slowly without rushing headlong into the world of modelling without doing a bit of research first.

Approaching a model agency

If you and your child are both in agreement that modelling is right for them then next stage is approaching a model agency suitable to represent your teenager. We would always encourage parents new to modelling to find work for their child through a reputable agency rather than trying out freelance modelling until you know what's what. The best idea is to look online and do some research on the modelling agencies available. The beauty of our site is that we have them all in one place and you don't need to flit around from site to site. Look at your leisure and get a good feel for what each agency offers. Go with your gut and who you feel comfortable with. There are scammers out there who wouldn't think twice about ripping you and your child off and it can be a mine field at first because there are so many agencies to choose from.

A good tip for starters is to disregard the ones who don't list an address and simply use a PO Box number or only include their e-mail address or website. Always look for name and telephone number to ring and speak to the person, don't always assume that they are real unless you speak to somebody at the other end of the phone line.

Follow these simple tips when looking for a potential teen modelling agency to suit your child:

Make sure the model agency is Alba registered and steer clear of any to try to charge up front fees either for a consultation or an interview.

choosing a teen  model agencySteer clear of any model agencies who don't know the child licensing laws. All Alba recommended agencies who deal with children should know them and put them into practice. Any person under school leaving age and in full-time education must gain a licence to work in modelling and entertainment.

Scout around and seek word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family if you can.

Search through each model agency's past portfolios if they have them to view. This way you can see what they offer and have a good look at the style of presentation, the type of models they have represented in the past.

Always speak to someone on the other end of the phone to arrange your appointment to meet.

Genuine model agencies would never expect you to sign anything without being able to take it home and read any paperwork you have been given in your own time. This needs to be read so carefully and all the small print scanned. Never rush into signing a contract at an interview.

Be very wary of any advertisements you will see in newspapers or magazines for models up to a certain age. Never go to the weekend casting or a hotel and stay away from mobile model agencies. The ads may say something like 'Scouting or model agents in town' these are usually a con and all they want to do is get some money off you up front. Genuine agencies do NOT find their models this way.

Always remember an agent is out to work for you and your child, not the other way round. They earn commission only AFTER the work has been carried out, NEVER before.

Once you have found the model agency for you, let them do their work because it is in their best interest to keep you and your child happy after all. A great relationship can exist between a model agency and a teenage model and it certainly is the safest way to gain legitimate modelling work for your child.