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Child Modelling



Child modelling can seem like it's a no go area but in fact it can add a lot of sociable fun to your tots life. It can really bring them out of their shell and boost their confidence levels no end. There are scams, like all sorts of model jobs, we won't deny, but we've helped you with our essential model advice down below. Follow the guidelines and it will be a safe environment for your children to play and have some extra pocket money.

We get enquiries constantly asking for child models nearly every day. There are model agencies who specialize in child modelling and we'd always advise to go through a reputable company to let them find the legitimate jobs where children are concerned. Could your child do it do you think? You need to put their needs first, as always, but it seriously could add to their wellbeing if they're the outgoing type.

All looks and ages are wanted to promote toys and accessories, clothing too. Think about possible TV work and commercial modelling for children. It could be an advert for nappies for the baby child or for modelling spot cream for the teen. Catalogues are ever changing and need tots and teens of all ages, editorial modelling would be fun too. There are so many other types of work available to you and your child - so see what you decide. If we can help with any advice then just let us know.

Children are always in demand as models, and all ages including Baby, Toddler and teenager are highly sought after. Children can experience all kinds of work, from Advertising and Commercial to Exhibition and Promotional modelling, and can be required to work all over the world. If you think your infant is the next big thing in modelling then it is best to get in contact with some of the Children's Model Agencies to help you get a foot in the door. Some General Model Agents will also take on children, but with such a wide choice in agencies it is best to choose one that has a large amount of experience with children.

Not every infant can do well in the world of modelling, no matter how beautiful or angelic they are. Personality and attitude plays a big part in the success of a child model. Child models must be easy to direct and when you are present at ease with strangers, such as photographers or client. If the kid is prone to temper tantrums or sulking then the world of modelling is not for them, as there are often times when something must be repeated again and again, or with long periods of waiting in between shoots. Parent attitude is also important, as you must be encouraging to the child whilst at the same time not stepping on the toes of the professionals; pushy parents and modelling do not mix! You must be a good timekeeper, reliable and prompt and also your own transport, your own telephone line or mobile. Flexibility with your time is also key, and if there is a chance that you won't be available to accompany your child as a Chaperone then this could be an indication that the demanding career of modelling is unsuitable for your child and family.

Some children can earn a substantial amount of money, which must be paid into an account that is set up specifically for them. All Chaperones also receive a fee for the inconvenience of being with the modelling child for the time it takes for the photo shoot. Money is not everything in modelling, especially not when a child is involved. Children should see the work as a fun and enjoyable experience, and as soon as they stop enjoying it then it is time for the infant to give up modelling; only happy children can look happy and relaxed in front of a camera.

There are strict laws that operate around child labour, thankfully, and these are in place to ensure that children are not exploited and do not miss out on any education. Licenses are required from the local council to permit any child under sixteen to work, and also have strict guidelines concerning the amount of hours children can work. It is important to stress to any child that is, or wants to become, involved in modelling that their education must come first, and there are many great examples of models that waited until finishing their education before taking up modelling full time.

Next Step to becoming a Model.. Move your career forward with us and send in your photos- getting involved in the Industry has never been easier. we will pass on your details to the best in the business.

FILL IN THE FOLLOWING FORM FOR YOUR INFANT  and They’ll advise you further and their Model Advice is second to none.

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Starfish Models
Baby & Child Modelling Agency. We at Starfish Models have been working along side some of the biggest names in advertising for the last 10 years by providing child and baby models. We have a great report with previous clients and new clients alike. With models and voice over artists in London...
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