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Character Modelling

character modelling

If you've got a big personality and lots of verve you could be the next big name in the wonderful world of character modelling. You don't have to be classically good looking to be a character model; you don't have to be a certain height or even a certain size.  Maybe this could be the type of model you were meant to be. Character modelling means you have to act your socks off, have a flexible face maybe or just simply be unusual looking. It's another type of modelling that means you become someone else - literally, for the day, week or month. It usually means you are not cut out for the strict rules and regulations surrounding fashion modelling, perhaps aren't suitable for cat walk work either, but that doesn't mean you won't be in demand in other areas of this industry.

You need to have your own character and you need to have plenty of it. You need to be bubbly, confident - not at all shy. You need to have individuality and have your very own look. You need to have singularity, have a wicked sense of humour. There is lots of work within the character modelling industry where you could find work. It could be that you're needed for a 'real' looking person who could model kitchen appliances, an everyday housewife who does the washing up on a telly ad. You can shape your own potential into the look needed on the day.

As a character model, you could be a comedian or become the face of a new chocolate bar, be the back legs of a cow in a panto or maybe the dame! The work is so varied it will certainly make life interesting that's for sure. You may never get the opportunity to be the stereotypical good looking stunner but there's no shame in standing out because of your character and personality. In fact there are far more jobs available to the character model than to the fashion model so think about that.if you have a sense of humour then for goodness sake show it as often as you can! . The modelling industry can sometimes take itself way too seriously and desperately need people like you who are fun to be around. Your peers will certainly thank you for helping them get through the busy working day if you are around to keep them smiling.

You don't have to be a certain age, body shape or look. You could invent new characters everyday - the more the merrier. Perhaps modelling could be right up your street? It's a type of modelling that produces the unusual, the different and the all important in betweeners. Life is never boring when a character model is around and you could be having so much fun, being yourself that earning lots of money in an industry that needs you. Contact some modelling agencies and see what they think, they can tailor work and send it your way. It's never too late in life to become a model, so have a serious think about it.