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Catwalk and Fashion Modelling

catwalk and fashion modelling

Every model dreams of being on the catwalk, to have their photos taken while they strut their stuff. It's why most people take up modelling in the first place but it's not suitable for all. It's the most sought after genre of modelling, the most competitive arena to make it big. There are some very strict guidelines, specific height, weight and shapes that a model needs to be. It is a very strict criteria and if you don't fit the bill, then you won't be able to do this type of work. For a female model you should be around 34 -24-34 and at least 5 foot eight, which is 1.73 m tall. the average runway model is very slender in shape and those who don't meet the weight requirement often try to become a plus size model instead. A male model needs to be 6 foot or 183 cm tall, with a waist of 28-32 inches. Your chest measurement should be 36-40 inches. Male runway models have been noted as being skinny and well toned.

Usually the hot topic on every model's lips is the major catwalk and fashion shows take place throughout the modelling calendar. This type of work is the ultimate dream for some - but they are the places to be seen in if you want to be the cream of the crop and climb that ladder to the stars. Catwalk and Fashion jobs are where the newest trends are created, the new designers featured but more importantly- they're the events that create the new faces of all the up and coming new models.

Anything can be modelled at these elite shows and you could find yourself in designer clothes, shoes, accessories of all types. Cosmetics could be the making your name in the modelling world, as the crazy and the creative get to work on your face. Hair styles vary from the sublime to the ridiculous and if you end up working within the catwalk and fashion model category, then you'll have to wear it how you're told.

To seriously hit the big time, catwalk work needs to be considered. The glitz, the glamour and all the gossip happens right here, right now and it's the place to be papped if you want the paparazzi to notice your name. Fashion journalists travel miles to get the ones to watch. It will mean a lot of hard work for the budding catwalk model who needs to keep up too. It's a very competitive world you're entering and you need to be where it's at or not bother at all.

You can be a successful runway and fashion model one minute and be out on your ear the next. To be an all rounder is another option and consider other types of modelling - why not? If you can fit in other work around all your catwalk shows then go for it we say. The more the merrier and the more strings to your modelling bow, the less chance you'll be out of work sometime soon.