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Catalogue Modelling

Catalogue Modelling

Catalogue Modelling offers a range of opportunities for models, thanks to the shear number of catalogues that are in circulation and are being constantly produced. In fact, due to the change in seasons each year there is a constant demand for those involved with Catalogue Modelling, providing a range of jobs for all kinds of models. Catalogue Modelling can include high fashion, which has similar demands to Catwalk and Fashion Modelling, such as a tall, slender stature with exquisite looks. Catalogue Modelling in high fashion includes designer catalogues and with upmarket brands that demand the top models. Models working in Catalogue Modelling, particular the high fashion area, also often find work in Editorial Modelling for the top fashion magazines.

These days, working in the Catalogue industry does not necessarily mean having your shots placed into a paper catalogue; with the rising popularity in the internet many companies now operate solely online, providing an even bigger range of opportunities in the catalogue world. Catalogue companies now have a global distribution, both in print and online, presenting an even bigger demand for Catalogue Modelling. Catalogue Modelling is also a good career choice with a high payment level thanks to the shear number of images that are taken to display the ranges of clothes that are stocked by the company. This type of modelling can fit into anyones life, and can be a main career or seen as part time work, and this area attracts many working parents, as hey are able to fit in the demands of parenthood with working in a profession that they enjoy.

There are a huge range of types of Catalogue Modelling that cater for the many different clothing markets. From High Fashion and Mature and even specialist areas such as sports and alternative clothing, there is a demand for models that have the particular looks and style that is desired by the catalogue. Many catalogues hire models that are similar in style to their target audience, promoting a positive and more appealing image. There is also a great need for those involved in Plus size Modelling in the industry due to the growing independent market and the increased inclusion of plus size clothing in more mainstream catalogues.

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