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Bridal Modelling

08:14 16-Jul-2020

bridal modelling
Put yourself into the shoes of a bride for this type of work, imagine you are going to get married and put your acting skills to the test. This type of model work is the cream of the crop. It's always a pleasure and privilege to be that model at the end of the fashion show, being the bride and star of the evening. Getting married should the happiest day of your life. From the moment you decide to spend your lives together, the treadmill of the preparation begins and the apprehension builds. From deciding the venue, the stationery and who to invite, a wedding takes a lot of preparation and time. But the most important part of wedding prep for the bride to be, is all about the dress, what the groom will wear and the bridesmaids and page boys too.

Bridal work will always need men and women of all shapes and sizes. Bridal shows try to highlight a variety of models to promote real-life situations. Bridesmaid's diet to get into that tiny dress, but the reality is, most brides and their maids would fit into the plus size modelling category for sure - we're not being mean but the plus size section in modelling starts at a size 12-14, so it's not often brides are smaller than that, if you think about it.  It's not often a bride is a fashion and catwalk model size, so therefore, the businesses promoting their bridal wear, want real people to show them off - they simply look more believable.

From finding the ideal bride to model gowns galore, the female fraternity to model the big white dress, there are grooms needed for editorial work maybe, bridesmaids and page boys to find - perhaps through child model agencies? This genre of work is always on the lookout for typical wedding guests. The mother of the bride is very important and there are fashion and catwalk shows dedicated to bridal model work, trying to find models to act out the in laws, friends and wedding guests. The usual scenario is to act out a mock wedding or to be involved in some sort of wedding reception scenario. It's great fun and maybe food and drink can be had if it's allowed but never overdo it - tempting though it is.

Promotional modelling could mean a bride is needed for TV work, appearing in adverts on the telly or an extra on a film. Bridal modelling is such fun. Think of all the wonderful gowns, the fairytale behind the story and being a princess for the day. They may not be dresses you would choose yourself, but how amazing to be able to dress up for the day and get paid as well? Whether it's appearing in bridal magazines, at trade fairs or features in the newspapers, bridal model work is a great way to show off your versatility and it will make stunning photographs to feature in your portfolio. Think about bridal model work today and find your own Prince Charming.