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Teen Model Advice For Parents

09:28 16-Jul-2020

Has your child decided they want to become a teen model? If the answer is yes, then we understand you may be worried. Perhaps you think it's just a passing phase and nothing may come of it? But if your child is persistent and really wants to try it out for themselves, then hopefully this section dedicated to teen model advice for parents, can put your mind at ease a little.

First you need to ask yourself if you're willing to allow your teenager to follow their dreams? Have they got an outgoing personality and don't mind being told what to do? If they take direction well and you think they have got what it takes, then it sounds like you may be about to take the first steps into the world of modelling. But it's not all about them. It's YOU that has to give them care, attention and commitment, it's YOU who has to transport them to and from every photo shoot - they can't do it without you that's for sure.

teen model advice for parents

The best modelling advice for parents we can give is this :

To become a teen model means that you also have to put in as much work as they do to get your child into the modelling industry in the first place. If your teen is under 16, then they you will need to obtain a licence to allow them to perform. This is the law and is a good thing. A licence can be easily obtained from your local authority. As a parent or guardian of any under 16 teen model, it is your responsibility to accompany them to every photo shoot, fashion show or casting session. They may want to be independent and go it alone, but they simply can't - it's true.

Have a think about the different types of teen modelling. Maybe your son and daughter might want to look into doing editorial teen modelling, fashion teen modelling or possibly just hair teen modelling. You and your child should have a browse through our sections and see how much commitment you think your teen can apply. Think about teen modelling and schoolwork but also consider teen modelling as a career. Decide how serious you think your potential teen model is, but also reflect on their looks and their style and be honest with yourself and them. Try and steer them in the best direction you can.

On first approaching any kind of model agency, make sure you give out your own e-mail address and phone number as a parent or guardian, never give out your child's. Never let your child fill out forms without you being present. It's sad to say but there are cowboys and sharks out there who prey on children still. But if you are by their side from day one, and shows them you believe in them, will look after them and help them on their way, then trust each other to do what's right.

Only approach model agencies who have a proven track record. Anyone can set up a teen model agency and they often do we're afraid. Check out a teen model agency's credentials online, ring them up and ensure you speak to a real person. Ask to see any references, or any model portfolios they have created in the past. If you're requested to send a photograph, then send a family snap if necessary. Don't spend money on expensive photographs yet. An agent worth their salt will see potential as soon as they catch sight of your teenager. Remember, big isn't always best - smaller agencies could possibly offer more time and commitment to your teen than a larger teen model agency could. Compare offers and choose wisely - be very wary of upfront charges. Agents work to commission only AFTER the work is carried out - never before. If any model agency asks for money upfront, then simply walk away.
teen mdoel advice to parents
 You need to understand that a lot of your time is going to be taken up running around after your teen model - perhaps even all over the country. You need to allow time for photo shoots to run over and you will have to bite your lip and never interfere with the professionals. Before the shoot happens, discuss what it will entail and make sure you are both happy before it begins. Agencies get hundreds of applications each week, so be realistic about your child's success and prepare them for disappointment. If your teen model isn't successful one year, it doesn't mean they can't be successful the next. Models grow and change so fast, and their chances will change along with them.

We know your child's future is your number one priority. It's a profession and a journey that you'll both embark on together and it may bring you closer or it may just push you further apart - that depends on your relationship and the risk you need to think about. If you have a strong one, then hopefully the problems will be few. Your support will be paramount at all times and you need to be 100% behind your child before you start out on this journey. If it's what your teenager really wants, then they will thank you in their own way. You could at last be their cool mum and dad!