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Set Stylists in the Modelling Industry

00:29 07-Apr-2020

model set stylists

A set stylist is a professional designer to create the fashion shoot and photographers' brief. A great stylist is reliable and determined to create the scene in mind. Different to a fashion stylist, a set stylist will envisage the backdrop and find and locate the utensils for the job - the props needed to make the set come alive and be 3 dimensional. It will have the up to date look needed to set off the model and enhance the finished photograph no end. who knows what the brief will be from day to day, week to week, the only thing to be certain of is that you have a big responsibility to create a scene which will be remembered, a scene that is in someone's head. It's up to you to prize out the information and the duties they require.

You could create a scene in Winter indoors or source a set for a sunny beach and swimwear look - all in the space of a day. You'll have a bit of time - more than a hair stylist say, to create the scene of your photographer's dream but it could be that you have think fast and think on your feet. You need to be adaptable and you need to have flair - above all you need to be fast.You need to be artistic above all else. You have to create the vision your casting director tells you all about.

It will be your job to create the look of the background for the day, week or hour - its a demanding job and you need to be flexible with your time. Your photographer could be fussy but it's their image you need to find. You need to bring the photographer's or director's vision to life. Assume responsibility and because you are in charge of the tasks related to the styling visual and it will be up to you to act out the scene required. Perhaps you have had experience doing theatre backdrop or have worked on the sets of films? If so then you are a model person to become a set stylist for sure. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to hold the job and works well under pressure. Sometimes, time is of the essence and you will not have the luxury of being able to titivate at your leisure.

You will need to be able to work well with in a tean, to understand your brief and to act it out to set the model off to destraction.Your backdrop should complement the model and the clothing and the situation, not steal centre stage.  If you have dreamed of creating a set behind an actor, or a scene from book brought to life, then you could become the best in the industry if you can prove your worth. Show off your skills and go create - it's what you're good at isn't it? Make the model a star and you'll have played your part.