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Choosing A Model Agency

07:55 16-Jul-2020

Choosing A Model Agency

Before Approaching A Model Agency:

Make yourself the best you can be. This means drinking plenty of water, lose any excess fat, tone and moisturise. Look after your hair, get it styled and make it glossy and shine. Groom yourself and get your head in the right place. You're aiming for success, so you need all the confidence you can muster. Get your self belief just right, before you even begin to think about contacting a professional.

If you're serious about becoming a model then you will have to do this all the time - not just before seeing an agency. It now needs to be your way of life, your mantra to support your career. Your mind set should be about looking good at all times. This means eating healthily, cutting down the alcohol and weaning off the cigarettes.

Think about the look you want to become, which niche you want to fill. Look at yourself long and hard and decide which direction you will turn and aim for. If you want to be a glamour model, have you got the bust and bottom to support you? Are you maybe more suited for plus size modelling? Would you prefer catwalk modelling or editorial modelling for example - there's a vast difference between the two and a world of wonder to discover. We have listed them all on this site, so do your homework and your research before you pick up the phone or write that letter. Check out any restrictions the agent may have - height or age matter and if you don't fit the bill, then go onto another. You'd be wasting their time and yours by applying anyway.

Remember - the agency is a business. You are their potential product. Liken yourself to a fine wine for example - seek the agencies that look like they want to sell your particular product. Look for the ones that 'feel' right, the agencies that have the really informative websites. Look for the agencies that have proper contact details, the name of a person to actually talk to. Look for recommendations from others - this is often the best way. You need word of mouth from someone who's already been in your shoes. Look at the other models on their site and compare yourself to them. If you are very like one of the models then it's no go - they don't need another face like yours. If your style is similar but your face a little different to any there, if you're happy they're the agency for you, then the next step needs to happen - Approaching A Model Agency.

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Approaching A Model Agency:

So you've done your research and you've found the model agency you want to represent you? Well it's time to take the plunge! Here goes......
Have pictures taken, a portfolio to fit the type of look you want to portray. Have professional ones taken if you possibly can. if you can get your image right from the start, it will help you no end.  If it's a glamour model agency, then take slightly more sexy photographs than you would for commercial modelling say, where a few shots without makeup would be an advantage.

Remember each agency is different and treat the approach like it was a job interview. You can apply for more than one - have a different look maybe from one to the other, it's not breaking the rules but don't approach too many as word gets around and agencies talk to each other. This way you can keep your options open and if rejection comes from one, it's not the end of the world. Check out on each website the way forward. Some agencies like you to email photos or post them - never do both or think you can push yourself further by doing it a different way to what their specifications say. Model agents frown upon this. Stick to the rules and do as you're told basically.  Phone them if you're not sure.

Check to see if the agency accepts 'walk ins'. This is you turning up at an allotted time if possible, with your portfolio under your arm. If you can make an appointment beforehand it would help your nerves and not waste anybody's time. Make sure you dress to impress, as people see who you are before you even open your mouth. This business is all about appearances, so be mindful you could blow it before you even speak to anyone. Again, do your research. Dress appropriately for a job interview. Plan what you are going to say, rehearse your representation speech but try to be yourself. Your personality needs to shine through in those first few minutes. The more walk -ins you do, the more you'll feel confident and the better you'll get at it.

Ways To Apply To A Model Agency:

We can't stress enough that you study the model agency website and find out their preferred application method. This you must do before you do anything else.

Application By Post: 

Include a CV - nothing too long, just a sample of the work you have done or if you're a first timer, a newbie, then try and inject a little of your personality into the application. Include all your contact details and be polite and to the point. Show your hobbies and interests and try to stand out from the crowd. Include a few select images of yourself to fit the profile of the agency you're applying to- both face and body. Don't overdo it and send too many photographs. Sometimes less is more. Quality is certainly better than quantity in this instance. Never put in a CD or memory stick - it has to be photographs that can wow them from the start. Always put enough stamps on the envelope - if the agency has to collect it from the post office then it may never get picked up - but it will certainly be frowned upon before you even start!

Application By Email:

Attach images but make sure they're small files. If the agent has to wait hours for one picture they'll hit delete in no time. Be polite and to the point. Include all your contact details. Mention in the greeting why you want to work for this particular agency, flatter them a little without being over the top. Just keep the email simple, you can ask questions if you get further. They will know straight away from your images if you're the right model for them and hopefully you'll get a speedy reply -unlike the snail mail way. Never lie about anything because you will be found out and dropped like a stone. Be sure to include all your past experiences and modelling jobs. Be professional.

Attending a Walk In:

Gain an appointment and plan your journey with plenty of time - always arrive 5 or 10 minutes before your allotted time. Don't ring the agency for directions, do your own research. Dress appropriately and greet whoever you see with a winning smile. Be warm and friendly- never be aloof. Take all you need, be organised and make sure your 'book' is up to date and neat and tidy. Include photographs that serve you well, face and body shots - the best you've got. It's always good to take along poses from another shoot, but if you haven't got any, no matter. Quality photos rather than quantity's what's needed - the agent may not have much time to spare. Never take along a CD or USB device - they need to see the image and you need to make an instant impact. When leaving thank them for their time.

We wish you good luck in however you approach a model agency. It's a tough world but if you've got what it takes, we know you'll make it!

And if you want to get the first steps rolling and organise a photo shoot then fill in the form below and we can make the first steps become a reality!