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09:49 16-Jul-2020


There's no rhyme and reason to becoming a model - that's the first piece of Modelling Advice we can give you. There's no rule book - no words set in stone. For everyone it's a different road - no set path. There's no fixed gateway to aim for and it could be an avenue you decide not to travel down. You may not reach the same destination as everyone else, but you'll certainly go your own way. It's hard work and it's challenging, so if you were thinking modelling would be easy - then think again. Modelling is a job, a true profession and like all paid work, an aspiring model should be prepared to give it their best, 100% commitment. It's not just about looks, it's about attitude and it's also about acting. So if you like a challenge and you're prepared to work hard, read on.

In an extremely competitive market a model needs to stand out from the rest, to be a little different - to not be a clone or a sheep. You need to have your own style, your own flair. If you want certain jobs you need to go for them, sure - but you also need to be prepared to be turned down, rejected. We can't list all requirements and advice here because it's advice tailor made for you as an individual. What we can do, is pass your details onto those who can - the experts. We have the professionals who can help with their fantastic Modelling Advice, the skills to set you straight.

So if you want to see if modelling is right for you, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get back to you in a jiffy. It costs nothing to ask and we can certainly find you the answers - just fill out the form!