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Know Your Rights As A Model

11:41 09-Jul-2020

Know your Modelling Rights
Whether its sexual harassment or chasing payments for a job – the Modelling life can be fraught with dangers. If you are working for a reputable modelling agency then usually things are open and above board. Always check out before you sign with anybody, and always read the small print. In any job, it is very important to know what is right and what is wrong, what you are entitled to and what you should expect. Have a read through our information below.

It’s important to Know Your Rights.

Always be protected: It’s illegal for a Model Agency to charge upfront fees for work that you haven't actually done as yet. If they say they have a modelling job for you, but require some sort of interim payment from your pay check, before you have even models, they are acting illegally and are therefore untrustworthy so walk away, no matter how good the job sounds.

Agencies can charge you a small fee to include you on their website or in a directory- this is quite normal and is in addition to the service they may otherwise provide. This is usually optional and if you have your own website then it may not be something you want to do - the choice should be yours so don't feel pressured to part with any cash if you don't feel the need.  

No money should exchange hands until after you have signed up with them, in any circumstances. Check the small print but understand your rights before you do anything else, before you undertake any work they are going to offer.  

It is illegal for a child modelling agency to charge to represent your child. Any fees paid should be after your child has been signed up to the agency. Not before. Check out child licensing laws and know your rights as a parent and as a child.

Never sign anything until you have read it thoroughly and understood the terms and conditions, the rules of engagement. Take it home to read if need be. If the model agency has a problem with this then be wary - you must never sign anything until you are totally happy with it.

Keep a record of everything, ensure you know who you’ve modelled for, where your images have been and will be used.

Know which products you’re endorsing, do a little bit of digging into the company you are representing. Again, read the small print and see what you are putting your name and face against.

No image of you can be used without your permission, but the photographer or their employer own the copyright in any photograph they take of you.

Agree payment terms and late fees in writing and always in advance of doing any work.

Register as self-employed with the HMRC. Be aware that there are different tax laws in different countries.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you have the right to say NO.