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Mixed Race Models

07:48 16-Jul-2020

Mixed race modelling is the future - a sign of the times that as a species we don't judge colour any more. Mixed race skin is stunning and often means a mix of both the good and bad points of being two colours mixed. More often than not your creamy brown skin will be blemish free and stunning to look at, so you're very lucky there. It could mean you have a distinguishing feature or exotic looks, maybe bright blue or green eyes that could get your name, face and body noticed.

Catalogues like Next or fashion icons like Marks and Spencer have used mixed race models for a long time and long may it continue we say! It's good to stand out from the crown and you'll definitely be unique, a face to remember. Pure white or black models are put into boxes but you can fit into both if you're lucky enough and the work is available.

It could mean you have afro hair or you could have the white gene which makes it straight- what we do know is that you will be unusual and there probably won't be anyone else like you around. The modelling industry is full of clones but you won't have a twin, we're sure of that!

Mixed race skin can also act against you, we'll warn you now , but the industry is all about the look - so don't take it personally and don't blame your mixed race skin colour. You could be turned down for some other reason. Be proud of who you are and hold your head up high - you are beautiful and the envy of a lot of white or black models.

We have a shortage of Mixed Race Male Models in the UK. British fashion needs to pep up its Mixed Race Male Modelling, to catch up with the times and we at UK Model Agencies aim to do just that. Raise your profile, bring you to attention. From a handsome US president to a gorgeous British racing driver, model looks and mixed race go together. Skin to die for and all round glow, there are no shortage of glamorous mixed race celebrities in public life.
But it’s quite a different story on the catwalk. Fashion And Catwalk Modelling needs Mixed Race Male Modelling. As does Teenage, Child Modelling – let’s lay the foundations; pave the way for better things. Equality and a passion for fairness is second to none to us.
Never considered it before? Well why not make this year the start of exciting things to come – kick start your Modelling Career with UK Modelling Agencies and soon strut your stuff on the catwalk.
Want to see how easy it is to Become A Mixed Race Male Model? Move your career forward with us and send in your photos- getting involved in the Mixed Race Modelling Industry has never been easier. Whatever your age, size or shape, we will pass on your details to the best in the business. They’ll advise you further and their Model Advice second to none.