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What is a model agency?

09:29 16-Jul-2020

what is a model agency

What is a model agency we hear you cry - well we'll tell all, don't you fret! An agency is a team of talented individuals whose sole job is to find work hard for models on their books. They are the professionals who have been around for quite a while and can find you work without you having to worry about going freelance. Hopefully that model will be you if you've struck up a rapport with the right people.  They are there to find you work, help you down the long and windy road to modelling fame and fortune. They should be supportive, directional but more important than all that is that they should be honest with you. It's up to them to tell you if you have potential from the outset - to support you when you need it and to steer you onto the correct path.

What is an agency if they're not your friend?  It's important you have sussed them out before you sign. There are so many cowboy outfits out there who'll sell you down the river if you don't have the savvy to see into their credentials beforehand. A creditable agency should be a person to visit, have an office with staff. They should have a reputation or a nod from someone you know who you trust. It's so important you check into this before you do anything else, we can't urge you enough.Always look online and do your research before setting up a meeting, and if there is no office to meet at known address and simply a PO Box number, then don't even waste any more time. Always make sure you speak to somebody at the other end of the phone and always go with somebody you trust.

A good agent will have your best interests at heart - they'll become your confidante and friend and they'll be the people you will trust with your career - your future. They will only earn their cut after they have got you work - certainly not before. If they say they want money up front then drop them like a stone. An agency will take between 10 and 33% so get the percentage thrashed out before you do your deal. Shop around and see what your friends are modelling peers are doing. It's always great to find a model agency through word-of-mouth, especially if a trusted friend or fellow model recommends them first-hand.

It's the idea of a partnership between a model and an agent - a partnership made in Heaven we hope. It's a team effort and a double act for both of you to work as hard as you can and deliver what you both promise. It's up to the model agent to find you work but it's the model's job to get there on time and be there when and where you say you will. Don't let each other down and a model agent will get you to the places you want to go. To put your trust in someone to find you work means you have to give them all the information, let them know what you are willing to do as a model and how far you will go. Get to know each other and take professional advice from them, but also make sure they know your style. A truly good model agency finds you work and earns every penny of their commission - now you make sure you earn yours!