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Look-a-Like Modelling

08:21 16-Jul-2020

Look A like modelling

Do you look like a famous celebrity? Have you ever had a case of mistaken identity? Look -A-Like Modelling is all about being recognised for replicating a famous face, a person in disguise. Modelling jobs are always needed for imitations of pop stars, actors and actresses. It could be for a hen or stag party, opening a show or garden party.

Model agents book you because you look like someone in the news, in vogue at the moment. You need to change your style as your celebrity changes theirs. Keep up to date with their fashion style and their hair do, their image and their style.

To mirror your look -a- like is to be good at your job. Study their form and watch where they go in the newspapers and magazines, just in case you get quizzed. Take a leaf out of their book and follow in their footsteps. Feel the grandeur and fox the autograph hunters. Get yourself snapped by the paparazzi and you may get your own name in the headlines.

Most of all learn to act like them, dress like them, turn your facial features into them. To be successful in this other type of modelling then you need to be as good as your look-a-like model, to look good at all times. If you're serious you will become them almost. It's a very strange feeling but one that will earn you lots of moeny hopefully. Look-a-like modelling can't be for everyone, so you're very privileged to share a face with a celebrity - so why not put it good use!  

A Look-a-like is someone who bears a remarkable resemblance to someone in the public eye, whether they be a celebrity, politician or even a member of the royal family! Working in look-a-like modelling is a unique way of working in the modelling industry, as you are not trying to portray your individual style or even a range of looks but as the person that you resemble. Look-a-likes Modelling is popular in the Exhibition and Promotional Modelling with like-a-likes used by Party Entertainers who use Hollywood lookalikes to meet n greet guests at the start of a party or surprise guests by making an entrance at an office party perhaps. Christmas events often use celebrity look-a-likes to entertain party goers who like to see a famous double of their favourite sports star or pop star.

Look-a-like models can have a career for a lucky few, but to make money you do need to have an exceptional resemblance to a well known person. There is also a lot of work for Look-a-likes outside of modelling, for example in television work and events. There are in fact national and even global events that have look-a-likes competing to win the title of 'Top Look-a-like' which does provide travel opportunities for those involved in this type of modelling. A Model Portfolio is an important asset to have a a look-a-like. Ensure that it is created with the help of professional photographers to have a true range of shots to demonstrate your resemblance and work with professional creatives to perfect your looks.