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Berkshire Photographers

14:27 21-Jan-2020

Berkshire has 275 photographers. It is the historic home county of the South of England and borders the counties of Oxfordshire, Bucks, Surry, Wiltshire and Hampshire.It is often referred to as the Royal County of Berkshire, mainly because of the presence of Windsor Castle. On the East side it is South of the River Thames which rises gently to the boundaries of Surrey and Hampshire. There are lots of the woods and there are amazing opportunities for some gorgeous photographs to be taken.

As one of the oldest counties in England, it dates back to the 840's. In the West of the County, the River Thames heads on out to the North . This is where you will find The Goring Gap, which is a narrow part of the quite broad river Valley -which happened at the end of the last ice age, the Thames  then gently meanders through the Chiltern Hills and the Berkshire Downs.