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Breaking Into The Model Industry



Breaking Into The Industry can be very hard work. Modelling is challenging and extremely competitive but we have the right Model Advice here for you. There are lots of questions we have been asked such as: 

Do I need a Male Model Portfolio? How To Become A Model, am I right for Modelling For Teenagers, or such as How To Become A Mature Model? The end game is to gain Modelling work.  Breaking Into The Industry, whether it be Freelance Modelling or gaining work from Model Agents.

At UK Model Agencies we can give you the Model Tips And Advice you needto get you going. However,before you take your first steps onto the catwalk,you need to see if you have what it takes before you head down that route.

Submitting photos would be great place to start, get them professionally done, look your best.  Our team of experts can give you the benefit of their brilliant Model Advice for Breaking Into The Industry and can guide you in the right direction, stop you falling flat. There’s no right way and no wrong way – but here are a few tips others have followed to keep you safe and gain success.

The fairytale: getting spotted  in local talent shows, shopping centre modelling competitions, submitting yourphotographs to a newspaper with a story attached. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were found this way, plucked from obscurity by top agencies.

The Rejects: But most were rejected, getting knocked back time after time so be prepared to be disappointed, keep trying, do your best.  You’ll get your big break.

Self Marketing: Do It Yourself– promote yourself, push yourself – no need for a Model Agent if you have the drive, the belief and the brains to get your face about.

Part Timer: Consider a part time career in modelling and gain a second income.

The Pro’s: Contact a Model Agency, speak to A Model Agent.

Get a portfolio done before you do anything - if you dont have one of these before you approach model agencies your already starting on the back foot.

TALK TO US!! Ring or fill out the form and we can help you on your way. It’s what we’re here for, what we’re good at.

WE can take the stress and strain out of starting down the Modelling path, so do it now. Get in touch and start a new life with UK Model Agencies  .