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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 131

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 131
Bobbi Brown revolutionised the makeup industry when she debuted her naturally flattering lipsticks in 1991. In the years since, Bobbi has continually met women's needs with the highest-quality products, accessible beauty and lifestyle advice, and the philosphy that beauty should be simple, real and approachable.

Uniquely Bobbi Brown

Skincare products combine all-natural essential oils with modern ingredient technologies, for healthy, glowing skin - the first step in creating a flawless makeup look.

All of Bobbi's foundations and powders are yellow-based, so they match and look natural on every skin tone.

Color products blend beautifully and seamlessly on a wide range of skintones. They are designed to be timeless and are current this month, this year, and five years from now.

Makeup brushes are of high professional caliber- the ones Bobbi herself uses at fashion shows and on shoots.

All of Bobbi's application methods can be adapted to go from super-natural to high drama; but pared-down versions are expressly designed to take no more than five minutes.