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Become A Male Model

Become A Male Model

Want to know How To Become A Male Model? Then we can help you with our expert Model Advice.
Every Male Model needs a few basic qualities but the main thing is to have good health- to be fit. You don’t need bulging muscles but you don’t need flab either! Being fit and healthy shows through in your hair and teeth - clear skin is a must. Weight and height can determine the type of model you wish to be, with most Male Modelling jobs available to those between 5’ 11 and 6’ 2, between the ages of 18 to 25. Unlike female Models, you can model well into your 30’s on the catwalk.
But you can have a say in too, you can decide, there are lots of jobs to choose from, lots of Model Agencies to find. Consider them all, do your research. Do you want to do CatalogueModelling, Catwalk and Fashion Modelling? How about Look-a-Like Modelling or Mature Modelling? Anyone can be a Model – it’s true. Believe in us and believe in yourself.
You need to be confident, organised and responsible. Be professional and be polite, and always turn up on time. If you’re late, word soon spreads about and Model Agents talk to each other. Be prepared to drop everything if that all important phone call comes through. Be truthful and honest, never lie about your measurements or your age or your height.
Most of all treat Male Modelling like a real job – it’s very hard work, long hours – lots of standing around - particularly TV Work, but it can be fun and it can be very rewarding. Modelling is a full time occupation that requires constant attention – attention to detail.
Consider your looks, consider your style. Get a pro to take your photographs – we can point you in the right direction. Every Male Model needs a portfolio of images and that’s where we can help. This will give you a proper ‘look’ – a second glance! Here at UK Model Agencies, we have teamed up with the pros to provide just that.
So go – go for it! Strut your stuff for a living why don’t you? Here at UK Model Agencies - we know you can do it!