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Advertising and Commercial Modelling


To be involved in the wonderful world of advertising and commercial modelling, is not to be necessary the stereotypical stick thin beauty - we leave that to the fashion modelling brigade. Within this sort of work, the model doesn't have to be stunningly beautiful or unusual looking - more like the average Jo but with a little bit of something extra - something that could sell a product or service for a potential business owner. Advertisers are always on the lookout for models to represent real people, to be believable and to be able to sell products for real people to buy.

Height is important though. On average, models between - for men you need to be 5’8” below and 6’3” and above. For women, you need to be 5’4” and below or 5’11” and above. It's rare you'll be hired or taken on if you fall into that category. The commercial and advertising work tends to go to those who are mid-range height - 5’6 ½” female and 5’11 ½” male. This is to fit the bill for posters and TV ads, but it is possible nowadays for companies to use computers to add height and chop and change things about a bit so that if you were the right model for the job, things could be arranged.

There is good news though, commercial models can be heavier or older, more mature if necessary. You don't need to stand out from the crowd, but genuinely blend in to suit the work available. Often generic looks will get you straight into this line of work, due to the customer the product is aimed at - real people. If you look like a genuine housewife say, housewives will be sure to buy the product from the company who's selling it because you model it so well. The aim is to simply become somebody else and sell your heart out, promoting the product on behalf of who ever employs you.

Have a scan at the mags and papers and you'll see what we mean. Advertising and commercial modelling involves scoping out a variety of looks, shapes and sizes. Mums, dads are needed, brothers and sisters, grandparents maybe. You could be a doctor or mechanic for the day- think of that! It involves playing a role and switching on your acting skills. If you've got the criteria and can pull it off - you could go far in the advertising modelling world. It's where a lot of models get themselves noticed and remembered and it's much easier than the high-pressure work of catwalk and fashion modelling. It's also a great way to meet new people, make new contacts within the industry. If you are easy to work with and can take instruction well then advertising work could be just the right thing to take your career in a different direction, and end products which you can show off in your model portfolio and show your versatility and style.