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A Model Personality


Its true you need the right physical features, the weight the style the height, but A Model Personality will set you apart form the rest, make you memorable, get you more work.  It’s a tough marketplace and you need a sense of humour or you’d cry!

Thick skin is a must and stress can be a problem. Its demanding and its tough but with our help you can do it. Ask yourself if you have A Model Personality!

Do you love being in front of the camera, in front of an audience, can perform on demand? Are you serious about it, a career or just a flippant choice of work? Be committed and serious or your lies will find you out. You need to be hard working, fit and healthy, be professional, be pleasing to work with – no divas unless you’ve earned the right to be.

A Model Personality means being patient and resilient, to be intelligent and have the ability to learn quickly. Be able to take instruction, be willing to learn, be versatile. Be able to take rejection and constructive criticism. Not sulk and be a pain. Be determined, be on time, be organised. Sell yourself and you’ll sell the product, have a fashion conscious brain and love the modelling world around you.

Fill out the form and we can help you on your way. It’s what we’re here for, what we’re good at. We can take the stress and strain out of starting down the Modelling path, so do it now.

Get in touch and start a new life !