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10 Most Famous fashion Designers


To become a fashion model is a dream Most models want to be, modelling the work of famous fashion designers on the runways and featuring in all the top trendy fashion shows around the world. Without famous fashion designers, famous fashion models really can't exis,t and this section delves into the secrets of the 10 most famous fashion designers of all time.

The 20th century saw lots of improvements in the terms of both men's and women's fashion and spearheading this reform, which was a very important turning point in the lives of many models, jettisoning them into almost superstardom and gaining them earnings rivalling the top Hollywood movie actresses and actors, were a class of fashion icons who we refer to as fashion designer artists. Most of the famous iconic fashion designers of the last century are known till at the present time, but their ability to exhibit the beauty of a woman's body. They have an uncanny knack in bringing out the best in each model and using their assets to promote their own clothing. Each fashion designer has use all three and they build their own collections around the characteristics of the supermodels who wear and promote them.

Using stylish, modernist, creative and elegant clothing, here are a list of the 10 most iconic fashion designers, the top 10 most famous fashion designers of all times with the names you will have heard of and will either love or loathe. They make it their job to make ladies will look stunning, sensuous, beautiful and downright gorgeous ,using their interesting and unique fashion designs. if this is just a list we decided to write about and isn't any is in order as we're not in the business of doing any disservice to any fashion designers and putting them in order - where would we start?! 

Each fashion designer's famous work merits a place in any order of a top ten and each one plays to their own merits so don't get mad because we didn't include other things fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeild, Marc Jacobs,Dolce and Gabbanna and more.  Perhaps we'll do the top 20 and includes whole new set of fashion designers!