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Television inspires popular fashion trends

Whether it's for a plotline or for our favourite actors and actresses, we all have shows we tune into regularly. But we check out not just for the plotline, but the the fashion worn by the characters on the show......




Model Agencies

UK Model Agencies is the a comprehensive directory and database of model agencies throughout the country. Welcome to our website! Thanks to regular updates we have grown day by day to become the largest directory of it's kind in the country, there is simply no better place to find the best agency for you, whether you are looking for a model for your assignment or promotion or you would like to join yourself. Finding an agency on our directory couldn't be simpler. Browse through our categories and choose from searching by County, by Town or even by Type. In each category you'll find every model agent in that area. A more specific search can also be performed to find exactly what you are looking for. Select the attributes you require in the search box and click search to be taken directly to all of the companies that can meet your specific needs. Our new advice section is here to help a model new to the industry with all types of modelling advice from photographic shoots to general information about the model industry.

Our website makes it so easy to find agencies in the UK that you'll never use another directory again! We can also let you search for an agency by type. Here at UK Agencies we list each agency by they type of model and the assignments that they can cater for. On our website you can find agents that cater exclusively for children or as part of an extensive selection of models, Commercial Agencies with models for advertisements, events and promotions and even Fashion Model Agents that provide models to the fashion industry for shows, magazines and advertisements. General Agencies can also be found, along with agents that cater for any age. There are also a selection of agents who cater for ugly models , those who are unique and don't fit into the stereotype and have an interesting look and style. Have a browse through our wonderful website and see what you can find.

Here at UK model agencies we have the lot for you. At the click of a mouse, we have everything you need to help you get started in the modelling industry, from all the latest do's and dont's as well as the must have's and must nots! We have all the latest up-to-date information a model may ever need, and have sourced all the latest jobs galore. We have researched other types of work available to you, ranging from art model jobs to fitness work, glamour work and look a like modelling if that applies to you. We can find work or help you with our superb advice, for both female and male models too.

If you are getting older, and over 30 still deems you are fit, then mature work could be your calling. There are so many different types of jobs available to you and mature model jobs arriving day by day. To become a mature model means you can carry on regardless, to find work for as long as you need or want. Mature models get old gracefully and a portfolio to suit your style is a wonderful sight to behold!

If you are into plus size work then learn how to become a plus size guy or gal with us. If you are slightly larger-than-life, have a big personality or are taller than the average model, then don't despair because there are so many types of plus size people - there is bound to be a place in the  industry to fit your lovely face and body.

Teenage modelling is all the rage and if you are looking for an agency to look after your child then we can help, don't worry. Modelling can be safe as houses if you steer your teenager down the right path. We have advice just a phone call away but there are so many different types of work now that we will endeavour to cover all your questions before they are asked. 

Our site is aimed at all those who want to venture into the world of modelling, and for those who are brave and want to change their life. It's never too early or too late to start down this exciting path and we'll endeavour to cover all the roads available. It is our aim at UK Model Agencies to unturn every stone, to uncover the beauty tips and tricks you can hoard and use in your armoury. We wish you all the luck in the world with your aspirations and if we can help then just let us know.